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we can straighten it. Puff it up. make it curly. wavy.

we can do anything.

So miss me with that “bad hair” bullshit.

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This respectability politic bullshit.
It’s too early in the morning for all this.

These graphics are such bullshit.
For one thing, why is there a “side bitch” in the picture in the first place? Women supposedly have to do all this shit to be respectable in the eyes of a disloyal motherfucker?
Secondly, what’s with this Madonna/whore complex nonsense in these “wifey material” pics? You saying if a woman enjoys sex then she’s somehow unable to be educated as well? If she’s sexually active and takes over agency of her body, she’s only good enough to wash a nigga’s clothes?
Thirdly, why do I never see these types of posts about men only being good enough to suck clit and wash clothes off they enjoy sex? I never see men portrayed as side hoes or trophy girlfriend only good enough to buy you things and provide dick and be utterly disrespected.
Actually, I also never see graphics about what men do to actually deserve accomplished, multifaceted women. I wonder why

Urechi O.


hopefully something that doesn’t involve singing

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— Josephine Baker (via thebigblackwolfe)

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when a thirst follow ends up being dumb as hell and u gotta take that L and unfollow


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